Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer in the City???

By this point in June I expected to be sweltering in the heat, and buying popsicles in bulk, but instead am wrapping in sweatshirts and warm PJ pants! The weather is kind of depressing, but sadly enough is better for me. If it was beautiful and sunny out I would be depressed about the fact that my life is ALL WORK, and NO PLAY! so at least the crummy weather helps me not be completely bummed.

For those of you who read the blog (i am hoping there is at least one person), you may have been wondering where we have been. Matt and I are working as usual. I got a summer job at a student insurance company in Quincy, MA so i shuffle off there every morning, and then when i get home it is the mad dash to:

  • make dinner
  • work out
  • look for an apartment with 2 parking spots and an outdoor area
  • pack lunch
  • eat dinner
  • study for the CPA exam, which I am supposed to do 3-4 hours a night...yeah, right!
  • talk to matt about his day
  • sleep
It is quite exhausting, and since i never do all the studying I am supposed to I am constantly feeling guilty and stressed out. It is not good for morale. However sometimes I do fun things... like last week, I pickled things!

I have an unnatural love for all things pickled! Oh how a jar with vegetables, vinegar and salt can make my heart swoon!!!

I made pickled carrots, pickled green beans, 2 jars of pickled snap peas, 2 jars of sliced pickles and 1 jar of pickle spears! I have already eaten all the carrots, 1 jar of snap peas, and have been nibbling on the other jar of snap peas... I am anxiously awaiting for the pickles to be ready! I kind of improvised on the recipes, and made them the way I thought they would be good, but everything was adapted from The Joy of Pickling. You should go out and get it right now and start is seriously addictive :)

Well, now I am going back to studying. Wish me luck!

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