Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My First Treasury Ever

Here is my first treasury ever! You can see it in real life here!

Post Holiday Update!

Hi Everyone!

We hope you all had as lovely a Holiday Season as we did :)

We spent the actual Holiday with my family and then we went to Matt's family's Holiday event on Sunday. Our families are very different, mine is small (a total of about 8 people) and his is large (his mom is one of 12 kids), which means that celebrating with our respective families is a very different experience.

We had a lot of fun with both families and we gave my brother and Matt's sister terrariums for Christmas.

We also received many wonderful presents. Matt got enough best buy gift cards so he could buy a PS3 and the game "Little Big Planet", which we have been playing every days since. It is such a cute game :) and he has been saving and asking for gift cards for a long time so he was super excited. I got an awesome Rachel Ray pan that i have wanted for a long time, and a lot of odds and ends I needed and wanted.

We also got some things that will help out with Gnome Homes. We got a little photo cube thing, it has little lights and a tiny tripod so we can take better photos when the light isn't great. I have already used it a few times and it helps on days like today where the light isn't great. We also got a mail scale and have had the post office pick up our past 2 orders. It is so much better and easier :)

I have to run and do some stuff before Matt gets home!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snowed In

So the boy and I have been snowed in since Friday, which is starting to make me very irritable!

After a week of non-stop running and working on Gnome Homes having nothing to do is making me stir crazy, and we are running out of food since all we do is eat all day...lol!

<---- Look at how crazy it is here!

Matt's sister had a baby girl yesterday and we can't even leave to go visit!

The weather is dramatically hindering the Christmas shopping I need to get done and the fact we wanted to go get more jars for terrariums today!

Obviously as you can see from my lovely car, we are not going anywhere today!

I hope everyone else is having a good Sunday and isn't going as crazy as me!


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Caladryl, Shmaladryl...

We have been going almost non stop for the past week(well Meghan has). We were able to stay up late, make a bunch more terrariums and post them over the past few days. We had good amount of sales too. Which is very exciting. Seeing some of the huge success stories on etsy, makes me think "how can they keep up with all their orders?". If we sell a few a day it can almost get overwhelming.

It's crazy. Making them and sending them out into the world. Each one has it's own personality and it's kinda sad to say bye to them. But if we kept every one we liked, we wouldn't have any room left in our apartment. Packing material for mailing is taking up all that space anyway. I remember saying to Meghan about a year ago, that we had every thing we needed and anything else new wouldn't fit in our place. I was right.

Oh yeah and we both have poison ivy! In December?!? How the hell does that happen? Next time you get it use Ivy Dry. It is awesome!

gnomehomes.blogspot.com is not endorsed by Ivy Dry, Technu or Caladryl.....especially not Caladryl

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday Update

Sorry for our long absence from our blogging! We have been super busy with our shop :)

Making terrariums has really overtaken our lives, we have been up till 2am the past few days making new terrariums and mushies!

It has been awesome to get to meet so many awesome people on etsy and have a lot of people like what we make. We are curious how well we will do after the Holidays. A lot of our sales have been presents, but maybe January will bring people who didn't get what they wanted and come to buy themselves presents (i do that sometimes!)

Also i am hoping that people realize that these little lovelies are perfect for valentines day :)
Why spend $50 on roses that die in a week when you can have a moss terrarium that will last months and months!

Also if you are reading this please comment on our post, Matt thinks no one reads this and uses it as an excuse not to post!

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season :)


Friday, December 5, 2008

Have No Fear...Gnome Homes is Here!

If you read my lovely boy's post below and worried that we would be slowing down Gnome Homes creation because he will be a working stiff again don't you worry!

We have 16, thats right 16 terrariums that are in our living room thriving and waiting for me to start making mushrooms and homes and putting monkeys in them! This weekend we will be finishing up their design aspects and taking photos and then you will be able to see the new listings in our shop.

Expect to see some new large terrariums, some terrariums with doors and some little terrarium sets that are perfect for the holidays.

Hopefully by posting these there will be some more variety in our shop and a little something for everyone!

I am super excited, and I hope you are too!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Good Times, Bad Times

So Gnome Homes is picking up a bit. Recently we have sold at least one a day. It's crazy our other etsy shops were struggling from day one but with this shop we've hit the ground running!

In other developments I finally have full time employment again. Which is a huge relief. After applying at about twenty different places I was starting to feel completely un-hireable. Just as I had lost all hope I get two job offers in the same day! Not a minute too soon either, I am broke as a joke. Like the most un-funny joke you've ever heard. Like something Jay Leno or Carrottop would tell.

I'm so lucky to have Meghan, who had my back the whole time. She's super supportive. Luckily I haven't had to borrow any money from her(yet). Who wants to do that?

Also the night before Thanksgiving I played bass and guitar with a couple of my friends at a one-off gig. It was pretty fun and I actually got paid. To play music...It's nuts!

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