Friday, December 5, 2008

Have No Fear...Gnome Homes is Here!

If you read my lovely boy's post below and worried that we would be slowing down Gnome Homes creation because he will be a working stiff again don't you worry!

We have 16, thats right 16 terrariums that are in our living room thriving and waiting for me to start making mushrooms and homes and putting monkeys in them! This weekend we will be finishing up their design aspects and taking photos and then you will be able to see the new listings in our shop.

Expect to see some new large terrariums, some terrariums with doors and some little terrarium sets that are perfect for the holidays.

Hopefully by posting these there will be some more variety in our shop and a little something for everyone!

I am super excited, and I hope you are too!!!


Carrieann said...

I love these and can see why they'd be such a success...they're the perfect balance of adorable and cool!

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