Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday Update

Sorry for our long absence from our blogging! We have been super busy with our shop :)

Making terrariums has really overtaken our lives, we have been up till 2am the past few days making new terrariums and mushies!

It has been awesome to get to meet so many awesome people on etsy and have a lot of people like what we make. We are curious how well we will do after the Holidays. A lot of our sales have been presents, but maybe January will bring people who didn't get what they wanted and come to buy themselves presents (i do that sometimes!)

Also i am hoping that people realize that these little lovelies are perfect for valentines day :)
Why spend $50 on roses that die in a week when you can have a moss terrarium that will last months and months!

Also if you are reading this please comment on our post, Matt thinks no one reads this and uses it as an excuse not to post!

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season :)



Anonymous said...

I bought one as a gift, but I'm so going to have to buy one for myself after the holiday madness settles down or hint at one for valentine's like you suggested; )

Good luck with everything!!!

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