Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Holly, my little cutie frajooty!

Holly has totally won over my heart. She is such a sweet little dog, and is so well behaved.

As you can see, she has totally bonded to her bed and her fishie. This is her while i work on the computer! She is either sleeping in her bed if i move it in the office, laying in the crate I keep in here for her, or laying on the floor at my feet. She loves to be with people.

She is so funny with her fishie. She carries it from room to room and only puts him down in her beds. She puts him in her bed, her crate, and the bathroom and kitchen mats. I think she thinks they are little beds for her too. When i wash dishes she lays at my feet on the kitchen rug, and when I get ready and do my makeup she sits/lays at my feet on the bathroom rug.

Matt and I decided she can't sleep in the bedroom at night with us anymore because she kept us up all night the night before because she snores so loudly. She is louder than my father, which if you have ever heard his snoring is pretty loud. So last night we kept her in the kitchen, which went really well. She slept and hung out, and didn't cry or seem to be upset, which was my number one concern. It broke my heart to keep her out there, but she definitely is not a good person to invite for a sleepover.

Thats about it for now! Hopefully i will be back soon with more Holly stories and hopefully we gets Gnome Homes restocked again!


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 1 with Holly

So, i just had to update with what has happened with Holly on her first day with us!

We left to get her some things (more food, new leash, fleece blanket etc) and go to the grocery store. Between everything we were probably gone for 4-5 hours. We put a huge box across our kitchen doorway and a chair behind it as a temporary gate. When we got back she had managed to move the box and was free willy! I was worried she may have gone to the bathroom in the house, but she was a perfect little pooch and there were no accidents.

Once we got home I set up her crate. I don't plan to use it as a way to pen her in, just as an option. So right now her bed is in the living room and her crate is in my office. She follows me around and settles into whichever bed is closest. She is snoring in her crate as i type.

Well, after both of our dinners, and a walk outside in the freezing cold I sat in my beanbag to play some video games. She decided to keep me warm!

And then when i got up she decided that maybe two beds wasn't enough and she decided three was better! She is too funny! Thats it for now, stay tuned for more updates :)

Introducing Miss Holly!

I would like to introduce you all to my boston terrier foster dog, Holly. She arrived this morning and after acclimating herself to our space has seemed to settle in quite well! I made this dog bed for her last night, and was worried she wouldn't like it, but seems to have taken to it like a fish takes to water. Also i gave her one of the stuffed fish i made for 2lilmonkeys and she chewed it a little and then carried it around the apartment, i'll take that to be a good sign...lol!

She really is a love bug, she just likes to curl up and cuddle. I was hoping to have a calm dog so I can still get HW and work done, and she seems to fit the bill. I have just been moving her bed around to wherever i am and she plops right down and sleeps. Right now she is besides my desk snoring away.

If any of you are interested in adopting Holly you can go here to read about her and learn about the process.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let there be light!

I have a 5 arm lamp I use in the office/craft room that has been down to 2 bulbs for quite some time now...and just a second ago I put in the new bulbs i bought for it this weekend, and let me tell you, what a difference 3 light bulbs can make!

I love lots of light, almost all the time. I am not really a mood lighting type of person, and even when I am watching movies I like to watch with the lights on, so sufficed to say the lack of light when i am sewing or studying has been very frustrating!

I watch Real Simple Real Life on TLC every week, and find a lot of it very inspiring! I always wish someone would come make-over my life. But this weeks episode made me want to tidy up my life a little, so I took my sewing machine off my sewing table, because I honestly never use it, and now it is my reading/studying table. I really hope that it makes me want to study more... This is my last semester of classes and I am finding it increasingly hard to do everything I want to in regards to classes, Gnome Homes work and my job on campus. I am trying to get myself on a good schedule, but have not been doing well at it.

Hopefully rearranging some space and some time will get me off on a better foot! Now i am off to make some tea for me and the boy!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Big Day for Gnome Homes!

Today is a big day for Gnome Homes! Probably the day that really helped it sink in for me that we are a real business, not just two people playing with moss :)

We got our business cards today! Excuse the bad photos, i just took the photos at 9pm because i was too excited to wait!!!

We ordered these last week, and i have anxiously been tracking them on their journey. Today i came home and looked all over my lobby for them and they weren't there. It was quite upsetting...but then i saw my neighbor signed for them, and i had to wake him up to get them (i wasn't aware he was sleeping when i tapped on his door!)

The past few days have been busy and great for us, but we are down to 4 things in our shop and really need to get our butts in gear to get more little gnome homes into the shop.

I love Gnome Homes, but right now with work and all my classes and Gnome Homes i am feeling overwhelmed with how much i want to do for everything and how few hours are in the day! I just wish it was warmer out, i think the cold weather is making me tired...I just want to hibernate!

Well i am off to package up some little lovelies! Have a wonderful night and very sweet dreams :)


Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Post at the End of a LOONG Day

I felt like today was the longest day of my whole week. I have been super tired this week because I am not used to being back at school/work yet. The Christmas break got me so entrenched in my Gnome Homes life i forgot what normal life was like for a while. Also i realize that classes wear me out in large part because my mind keeps whirring along all day...

Right now I am taking my last semester of classes, which is super exciting. I am taking some interesting and some not so interesting classes (intro to computer science, corporate governance, business law, and income tax).

Today we did all our grocery shopping for this week and I was super excited that ground turkey was on sale (we don't really eat ground beef, so we use this for turkey meatloaf and turkey chili!). The 20 oz. package is normally priced at $4.69-$4.99 and today it was $2.69! Which of course meant that I bought 6 packages...hehe! Honestly I love grocery shopping when i can save, and today was a great savings day. As a hint to anyone else who eats quaker breakfast stuff I got 2 boxes of Life for Matt, 2 boxes of oatmeal for me and 1 box of Chewy bars for $4.65 (i used coupons from the newspaper and the $3 off coupon in my shaws flyer!) I thought that was good. I almost always go to Shaws since they have better sales, and if you don't already you have to sign up here on their site. It gives you extra coupons and easy week night recipes.

After the store we came home and FINALLY cleaned our apartment. Our place is almost always tidy, but we organized a bit and did the one house chore i HATE.... I vacuumed! I have long hair, so I tend to shed...a lot... and my hair starts to create tumbleweeds with the dust bunnies that eventually take over the corners of my rooms, and now they are all clean. I find it kind of amazing really...lol! But the real reason behind the clean was that we had a home visit today about being a foster home for dogs. I don't really want to talk about it much until more is finalized, but maybe in the next month you will be reading about some furry buddies that are keeping me company :)

Well, that is probably one of my longer blog posts, so i will leave you for now....


P.S. If you like our blog, and read often please follow it! (click the link on the column on the left!) It will make me feel loved and inspire me to blog more frequently.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Just one of those days...

Today seems like it has been longer than it actually has been... I don't know if it was sitting through some dull classes or the fact that when i got out of classes it was pitch black, or some other sad things we discovered today, but I am feeling run down. I honestly think the root is that I am hungry...lol!

But lets move into some happier things...

I realized recently that the blogs I love to read

  1. Aren't all about selling on etsy, they have a personal side too!
  2. Have photos of things they like
  3. Include pictures and recipes of food
And then I realized I do very few of those things! So as part of my new years rethinking process I have decided to try to move the blog more in that direction...some about me...some about matt...some about Gnome Homes...

So, here are some pictures I took earlier. They are some of my absolute favorite things in the world!

This is a necklace Matt bought me for our two year anniversary and surprised me with when we were out at dinner...it was extremely sweet and romantic and now it is rare if I am not wearing it... I wear it almost every single day!

Here is my new favorite pins! The flower is from my sister-in-laws boutique, Details, in Providence, RI!

And this little lovely came from the multipackof pins from MultiplePeronality on etsy! Matt got them for me as a stocking stuffer...you can see the others on my pin bag :)

Here is my pin bag...which i kind of think as my Etsy bag since I use it every time we go and buy jars for Gnome Homes.

And last but not least is our gorgeous new dish from Playswithclay!

You have to admit that it is gorgeous, and as such a home body it really makes me smile!

And on that note I am going to do lie down...today has really kicked the stuffing out of me! I hope you all have a great night :)


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