Saturday, January 24, 2009

Introducing Miss Holly!

I would like to introduce you all to my boston terrier foster dog, Holly. She arrived this morning and after acclimating herself to our space has seemed to settle in quite well! I made this dog bed for her last night, and was worried she wouldn't like it, but seems to have taken to it like a fish takes to water. Also i gave her one of the stuffed fish i made for 2lilmonkeys and she chewed it a little and then carried it around the apartment, i'll take that to be a good!

She really is a love bug, she just likes to curl up and cuddle. I was hoping to have a calm dog so I can still get HW and work done, and she seems to fit the bill. I have just been moving her bed around to wherever i am and she plops right down and sleeps. Right now she is besides my desk snoring away.

If any of you are interested in adopting Holly you can go here to read about her and learn about the process.


Anonymous said...

She's a cutie!! Boston's are my fav: ) Too bad you're so far away!! Good luck though!

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