Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Holly, my little cutie frajooty!

Holly has totally won over my heart. She is such a sweet little dog, and is so well behaved.

As you can see, she has totally bonded to her bed and her fishie. This is her while i work on the computer! She is either sleeping in her bed if i move it in the office, laying in the crate I keep in here for her, or laying on the floor at my feet. She loves to be with people.

She is so funny with her fishie. She carries it from room to room and only puts him down in her beds. She puts him in her bed, her crate, and the bathroom and kitchen mats. I think she thinks they are little beds for her too. When i wash dishes she lays at my feet on the kitchen rug, and when I get ready and do my makeup she sits/lays at my feet on the bathroom rug.

Matt and I decided she can't sleep in the bedroom at night with us anymore because she kept us up all night the night before because she snores so loudly. She is louder than my father, which if you have ever heard his snoring is pretty loud. So last night we kept her in the kitchen, which went really well. She slept and hung out, and didn't cry or seem to be upset, which was my number one concern. It broke my heart to keep her out there, but she definitely is not a good person to invite for a sleepover.

Thats about it for now! Hopefully i will be back soon with more Holly stories and hopefully we gets Gnome Homes restocked again!



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