Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Just one of those days...

Today seems like it has been longer than it actually has been... I don't know if it was sitting through some dull classes or the fact that when i got out of classes it was pitch black, or some other sad things we discovered today, but I am feeling run down. I honestly think the root is that I am hungry...lol!

But lets move into some happier things...

I realized recently that the blogs I love to read

  1. Aren't all about selling on etsy, they have a personal side too!
  2. Have photos of things they like
  3. Include pictures and recipes of food
And then I realized I do very few of those things! So as part of my new years rethinking process I have decided to try to move the blog more in that direction...some about me...some about matt...some about Gnome Homes...

So, here are some pictures I took earlier. They are some of my absolute favorite things in the world!

This is a necklace Matt bought me for our two year anniversary and surprised me with when we were out at dinner...it was extremely sweet and romantic and now it is rare if I am not wearing it... I wear it almost every single day!

Here is my new favorite pins! The flower is from my sister-in-laws boutique, Details, in Providence, RI!

And this little lovely came from the multipackof pins from MultiplePeronality on etsy! Matt got them for me as a stocking stuffer...you can see the others on my pin bag :)

Here is my pin bag...which i kind of think as my Etsy bag since I use it every time we go and buy jars for Gnome Homes.

And last but not least is our gorgeous new dish from Playswithclay!

You have to admit that it is gorgeous, and as such a home body it really makes me smile!

And on that note I am going to do lie down...today has really kicked the stuffing out of me! I hope you all have a great night :)




OH, I just love your gnome homes. They are quite beautiful and very unique. Keep up the good work....Aprl

Meghan of 2lilmonkeys said...

Thank you so much! And thank you for being our first Blog follower! i felt so special seeing that space no longer say 0!

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