Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Post at the End of a LOONG Day

I felt like today was the longest day of my whole week. I have been super tired this week because I am not used to being back at school/work yet. The Christmas break got me so entrenched in my Gnome Homes life i forgot what normal life was like for a while. Also i realize that classes wear me out in large part because my mind keeps whirring along all day...

Right now I am taking my last semester of classes, which is super exciting. I am taking some interesting and some not so interesting classes (intro to computer science, corporate governance, business law, and income tax).

Today we did all our grocery shopping for this week and I was super excited that ground turkey was on sale (we don't really eat ground beef, so we use this for turkey meatloaf and turkey chili!). The 20 oz. package is normally priced at $4.69-$4.99 and today it was $2.69! Which of course meant that I bought 6 packages...hehe! Honestly I love grocery shopping when i can save, and today was a great savings day. As a hint to anyone else who eats quaker breakfast stuff I got 2 boxes of Life for Matt, 2 boxes of oatmeal for me and 1 box of Chewy bars for $4.65 (i used coupons from the newspaper and the $3 off coupon in my shaws flyer!) I thought that was good. I almost always go to Shaws since they have better sales, and if you don't already you have to sign up here on their site. It gives you extra coupons and easy week night recipes.

After the store we came home and FINALLY cleaned our apartment. Our place is almost always tidy, but we organized a bit and did the one house chore i HATE.... I vacuumed! I have long hair, so I tend to shed...a lot... and my hair starts to create tumbleweeds with the dust bunnies that eventually take over the corners of my rooms, and now they are all clean. I find it kind of amazing! But the real reason behind the clean was that we had a home visit today about being a foster home for dogs. I don't really want to talk about it much until more is finalized, but maybe in the next month you will be reading about some furry buddies that are keeping me company :)

Well, that is probably one of my longer blog posts, so i will leave you for now....


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