Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let there be light!

I have a 5 arm lamp I use in the office/craft room that has been down to 2 bulbs for quite some time now...and just a second ago I put in the new bulbs i bought for it this weekend, and let me tell you, what a difference 3 light bulbs can make!

I love lots of light, almost all the time. I am not really a mood lighting type of person, and even when I am watching movies I like to watch with the lights on, so sufficed to say the lack of light when i am sewing or studying has been very frustrating!

I watch Real Simple Real Life on TLC every week, and find a lot of it very inspiring! I always wish someone would come make-over my life. But this weeks episode made me want to tidy up my life a little, so I took my sewing machine off my sewing table, because I honestly never use it, and now it is my reading/studying table. I really hope that it makes me want to study more... This is my last semester of classes and I am finding it increasingly hard to do everything I want to in regards to classes, Gnome Homes work and my job on campus. I am trying to get myself on a good schedule, but have not been doing well at it.

Hopefully rearranging some space and some time will get me off on a better foot! Now i am off to make some tea for me and the boy!



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