Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Big Day for Gnome Homes!

Today is a big day for Gnome Homes! Probably the day that really helped it sink in for me that we are a real business, not just two people playing with moss :)

We got our business cards today! Excuse the bad photos, i just took the photos at 9pm because i was too excited to wait!!!

We ordered these last week, and i have anxiously been tracking them on their journey. Today i came home and looked all over my lobby for them and they weren't there. It was quite upsetting...but then i saw my neighbor signed for them, and i had to wake him up to get them (i wasn't aware he was sleeping when i tapped on his door!)

The past few days have been busy and great for us, but we are down to 4 things in our shop and really need to get our butts in gear to get more little gnome homes into the shop.

I love Gnome Homes, but right now with work and all my classes and Gnome Homes i am feeling overwhelmed with how much i want to do for everything and how few hours are in the day! I just wish it was warmer out, i think the cold weather is making me tired...I just want to hibernate!

Well i am off to package up some little lovelies! Have a wonderful night and very sweet dreams :)



Anonymous said...

I love, love, LOVE the Gnome Homes I purchased. I got them to give away and almost didn't because they were so cute! But I'm saving up for a big one for myself. I love the one's with the little doors. Keep them coming!

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