Saturday, December 20, 2008

Caladryl, Shmaladryl...

We have been going almost non stop for the past week(well Meghan has). We were able to stay up late, make a bunch more terrariums and post them over the past few days. We had good amount of sales too. Which is very exciting. Seeing some of the huge success stories on etsy, makes me think "how can they keep up with all their orders?". If we sell a few a day it can almost get overwhelming.

It's crazy. Making them and sending them out into the world. Each one has it's own personality and it's kinda sad to say bye to them. But if we kept every one we liked, we wouldn't have any room left in our apartment. Packing material for mailing is taking up all that space anyway. I remember saying to Meghan about a year ago, that we had every thing we needed and anything else new wouldn't fit in our place. I was right.

Oh yeah and we both have poison ivy! In December?!? How the hell does that happen? Next time you get it use Ivy Dry. It is awesome! is not endorsed by Ivy Dry, Technu or Caladryl.....especially not Caladryl


Dan Boelman said...

Your Gnome Homes are cool!!! If you're still itching from poison ivy and you may want to give Zanfel Poison Ivy Wash a try. It's worked for me every time, usually in just one application. Good Luck!

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