Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snowed In

So the boy and I have been snowed in since Friday, which is starting to make me very irritable!

After a week of non-stop running and working on Gnome Homes having nothing to do is making me stir crazy, and we are running out of food since all we do is eat all!

<---- Look at how crazy it is here!

Matt's sister had a baby girl yesterday and we can't even leave to go visit!

The weather is dramatically hindering the Christmas shopping I need to get done and the fact we wanted to go get more jars for terrariums today!

Obviously as you can see from my lovely car, we are not going anywhere today!

I hope everyone else is having a good Sunday and isn't going as crazy as me!



The Naked Mushroom said...

oooooo look at all that snow -- but hey, The Pats are kicking the Cards butts, and I loved Welkers snow angel in the end zone!

Your new store seems to be a HUGE hit -- thats awesome, you found your niche and I am so proud of you, I know how hard it was not selling at your other store.

Now I just have to find something "magic" so I can hit the ground running too!!

your BEFF


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