Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Post Holiday Update!

Hi Everyone!

We hope you all had as lovely a Holiday Season as we did :)

We spent the actual Holiday with my family and then we went to Matt's family's Holiday event on Sunday. Our families are very different, mine is small (a total of about 8 people) and his is large (his mom is one of 12 kids), which means that celebrating with our respective families is a very different experience.

We had a lot of fun with both families and we gave my brother and Matt's sister terrariums for Christmas.

We also received many wonderful presents. Matt got enough best buy gift cards so he could buy a PS3 and the game "Little Big Planet", which we have been playing every days since. It is such a cute game :) and he has been saving and asking for gift cards for a long time so he was super excited. I got an awesome Rachel Ray pan that i have wanted for a long time, and a lot of odds and ends I needed and wanted.

We also got some things that will help out with Gnome Homes. We got a little photo cube thing, it has little lights and a tiny tripod so we can take better photos when the light isn't great. I have already used it a few times and it helps on days like today where the light isn't great. We also got a mail scale and have had the post office pick up our past 2 orders. It is so much better and easier :)

I have to run and do some stuff before Matt gets home!



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