Saturday, March 14, 2009

For the Love of Tea

Matt and I gave up drinking coffee daily over a year ago. I LOVED coffee....a little to much. I had to stop because I was drinking so much a day it was making me feel manic. My throat would feel like it was restricted, and my heart was beating so fast, like a little humming bird in my chest, and then after I drank it my energy would crash and I would need more and really was a vicious cycle!

Matt had to stop because he has a heart murmur, and too much caffeine makes his chest feel tight. So now we drink coffee once a week on average. We use it as a treat for ourselves when we are running errands, out for breakfast etc.

So, now all you caffeine lovers are asking the same thing we asked when we quit, "what are they going to drink??!!" The answer to that question was easy....TEA!

I LOVE TEA NOW! I always have liked it, but now we love it. I have gotten addicted to that now! I drink at least 2 cups a day, and usually want it more! The picture above was a good find from when we were Gnome Home jar sleuthing at the thrift store.

Matt and I love crappy tea. We get the cheap Lipton Tea that is 100 bags for about $3. We have tried others, but realize we like the cheap stuff! (isn't it always great when it works out like that!) We used to store it on top of my recipe box in the Lipton 16 bag box...which was driving me nuts. We would put the bags from the 100 bag box into the little box...and it was getting all worn and ripped. When we first got our tea jar Matt was skeptical, but now he is as much a fan as I am!

On a non-tea note, I have been making terrariums. I have made 8 in the past 2 days, which is rare for me. Matt normally makes them, and I take the photos and make the clay stuff and list them and pack them and all the other stuff. However, Matt works from 11:00 am until 7:00pm, so the last thing he wants to do at night is make terrariums! So, instead of studying I have been procrastinating doing my work by making terrariums. I have been really proud of myself! I think they have been coming out nicely. This one is one of my favorites, and I made it 100%, from the terrarium to the house!

I also have changed some of the photos, put some new snazzy backgrounds up. I really think they make the terrariums pop!

Well I hope you all had a nice day!



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