Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Show and Tell Weekend

Hello All!

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. Here is the past weekend in a short recap. Yesterday Matty and I went to the grocery store, home depot, Michaels craft store, and best buy.

Here is a picture of my awesome new lamp we got in Burlington, VT for my birthday! I never included it in a blog post before so i figured better late then never!

Here is my Hagen Renaker Collection shadow box house! I got this at Michaels and painted it today! I found this collection last weekend when I was home visiting my mom. It really is her collection, but I always played with it as a kid and brought it home to live in Craft Village :)

After painting the house I planted the herb garden Matt bought me as part of my birthday gift! I love early gifts and I love the beautiful smelling basil, lemon thyme and parsley that are now adorning my windowsill!

And after the herbs I made cupcakes! I don't bake a lot but the cupcakes and frosting were on sale for about $2.50 total, so I couldn't resist! They are so soft and fluffy. I want to eat them all!
The ones on the bottom left have strawberries mixed in. They are so delicious. Every time berries are on sale I buy boxed muffin mix or cupcake mix and experiment with adding them and making berry sauces.

Well, I will try to not be such a stranger to my blog! Hope you are all having a fabulous day!


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