Monday, November 24, 2008

Exciting, Strange Newness(is that a word?)

So we started by posting about eight things in our store. They got a pretty good reception! Within a few days we got about 70 people to favorite our store which is about 50 more than i had in the year and a half of effort i put into my first etsy shop.

We had sold a few things in the first couple of days and i cant thank the people on etsy enough for being first time buyers to a new store. Its hard to get your first bit of feedback and let people know you ship quickly and safely(some of these terrariums are pretty delicate). I dont know if I would be willing to take the plunge myself.

We went to the woods at Meghan's parents house, where we grow our moss, on a VERY cold morning to get as many large beautiful pieces as we could. Meghan totally kicked ass! I thought I would be all manly getting down in the dirt and digging it up since we were getting more than enough for just one or two, but I guess I was moving too slow so she just took the trowel from me and got down to business. I was so impressed! It takes a special kind of girl to go moss picking in the woods when its in the low 20's.


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