Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gnomes Homes... New Homes and a New Etsy Start

Hello all!

I hope you all were able to curl up this morning with a warm mug of tea and the morning paper. I wish we were able to do that but this morning were were up and exploring in the rain! All on the quest for rocks and moss for our lovely terrariums!

But before i go any further here is the back story about Gnome Homes and our terrarium making....

I have loved gnomes for a long time, ever since i was a little girl and read an article about how a European museum has an exhibit of gnomes they had to take down because people kept stealing the gnomes. I was fascinated and have been a gnome collector and lover ever since.

Matt and I started dating over two years ago and started living together last September. He introduced me to etsy and renewed my crafting. He was always so supportive of my efforts and even let me take over our second bedroom as my own craft village.

So fast forwarding to last week...

Matt presented me with a moss terrarium as an early Christmas gift which i promptly fell in love with. This is all extremely ironic because making moss terrariums has been a tradition in my family. My mother and grandmother made moss terrariums around Christmas for years and my mother and I would make them when I was a child. (we now get our moss from her old "moss patch" so to say!)

Matt and I decided that we had so much fun making our terrariums that we would revive my family tradition and make them to share with everyone on etsy! I hope you all enjoy!

Much love,


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