Saturday, April 4, 2009

Knock knock...

...whose there? Spring!!!

I am finally beginning to feel like spring time has arrived. It is still chilly and gray out, but it is still just an iota warmer so I am calling whatever this weather is spring weather!

The next few weeks will be a really busy time for me and matt. His birthday is the 23rd of April, I graduate May 1st, and in between now and then I have a million and one things to wrap up and do. I am not fond of finals and final papers. But after that I have to figure out what to do for works for the summer (I have a fall start date for my full-time job).

Part of me wants to hang out and relax because i never will have another summer or a lot of time off until i retire... but taking time off is not my nature. I also have a huge professional exam to study for...sigh.

Well, I am off to drink my tea! We need to go shopping today to buy Matt new pants (He only has 1 pair that don't have a rip now :) )

Hope your having nice Saturdays!!!!



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